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Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Freckle-Faced Boy

Connor started second grade a couple of weeks ago.  When August hit, I could have drop-kicked this kid into school.  The house was feeling too small, too hot, and him & his friends were needing some space from each other.  I was at the end of my fuse when we recieved a letter from his teacher...welcoming him & the other students to drop-in for a visit before school started.  And that's when I shed a few mama tears. :)

This little guy is on cloud nine!  He LOVES his teacher.  He LOVES riding the bus with the new friends he's made.  He gets up early for school without an alarm clock to wake him up.  He's enthused to read after school so that he can go out and play.  This is a 180 from where we were last year.  It's incredible what a great teacher, new friends, and a little stability can do for a seven-year-old.  I'm so proud of you, Connor!  I love you!

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