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Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Dedication

Joel was dedicated on Sunday! We've done this with all of our kids. We get them dressed in their miniature sized "sunday best," and in front of our congregation we promise and pray to raise our child to know Jesus. It's always been a big moment for us, but this time around, it seemed all the more special. We've had a lot of people from our church praying for Joel, and it was great to put a face with a name...(facebook doesn't count!)...we hadn't brought J to church until Sunday because of the chance of him getting sick seemed too great. We told a little of Joel's story and shared a few pictures. I've kept the "day of surgery" picture private for the most part, because I thought it was too graphic at the time. Now that we're past that season, it's a happy picture. He's come so far since then, and every baby deserves to get newborn pictures....J baby's were just,... ummm, unique. :)
Day of surgery, 3/17/10. St. Patrick's day! Still on the pacemaker, chest-open, skin was later re-opened.

Almost one month post surgery...look at his newborn booties!!!! His scar was almost completely healed, by this time we'd had lots of complications, and they had almost discovered the DIC. SG shunt was in, and you had moved to the large corner room...with a view for mommy :)

Just after coming home, 6/2010, narcotics wean was tapering nicely, as you can see...we got more and more smiles....we were finally getting our "baby" back!!!

And this one's from August. No more narcotics, just you, liking to be upright, seeing everything, as a normal 5 month "dude" would. I love you Joel-buddy. I can't wait to watch more and more miracles happen. Because they do. You are proof.

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