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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Cloud Has a Silver Lining

I'm sure you've read my billions of 2am posts on facebook the last month, and I kind of apologize....I use facebook to help me stay awake at night.  Adam and I have been without a night nurse two nights a week for the last month, and we've been doing our best to split the shifts and attempt at being normal people during the day.  You see, nightshift wouldn't be so bad if we were able to sleep during the day....unfortunately, there are other kiddos calling our names when it's light out.  :)  It's been tough.  It seems as though when we finally get back to normal, we're back at Sunday night again.  I've turned into a complete zombie, and I can't remember anything, or carry on a normal conversation without wondering, "Is my sleep deprivation showing?  Do they know?"  LOL
Well, it appears as though that time (at least temporarily or partially) is coming to an end!  PSA has hired 3 new nurses.  The first, is a nurse we had in the Mary Bridge PICU and LOVE LOVE LOVE.  She is taking every other Sun/Mon, while the other nurse is taking the remainder.  The third nurse will be our backup.  I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!  And even though night shifts are a complete pain in the butt sometimes, I've been making a list of reasons to be thankful for our lack of nurses:

#1:  We are at home.  With our baby, who is alive.
#2:  My laundry is getting done & kitchen is least twice a week ;)
#3:  I can finish an entire pot of coffee without a child interrupting me.
#4:  I've finished a series of 15 books.
#5:  I can listen to Joel sleep.  I love hearing the sound of his ventilator.

Still, I'm happy to be trading night shift for sleep.  Mommies need sleep. 

Joel had a cardiologist appt on Weds.  We were given the ok today for him to discontinue his Diuril...(YAY another med!!!)...and soon we'll be scheduling for him to get his portacath out.  Once that happens, Joel will no longer be needing his blood thinners.  !!!!!  No more shots!  No more ports!  No more baseball sized hematomas!!!  Heck yes!!   We are absolutely thrilled about this.  I was a bit nervous at first when it clotted, but Stefanelli didn't seem worried at all, and neither was Ricker.  Two meds down, and that will leave us with 2 of the 14 that we came home on.  Praise God!!!

Also, our house in Oregon sold today :)


  1. So much great news to praise God for. Amazing to think how impossible all of this may have seemed 5 months ago. Through Him all is possible. <3

  2. Keri ...until I got you on FB as a friend ...I had no idea!! I made sure to include baby Joel in my prayers ! and god I love when prayers are answered :) sooo reasureing.May god continue to bless your beautiful family.You are an inspiration :)