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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Six to Eight

On most days, my morning begins at 5:45 a.m. I walk downstairs to get report from the night nurse, make coffee, and sit in my comfy chair beside Joel's crib. The first three weeks were terrible....I wasn't used to waking up that early. After a few early morning tears, I asked God to change my heart about this. I have a friend who was forced to stay up many nights with her baby, and even without much sleep, she said it was a very memorable time for her. I'm thankful I can now say the same.

Six to Eight is an amazing time for me. It brings back cherished memories of Joel and I together in the hospital. I sat in his room many many days with a book in my hands, listening to the sounds of his ventilator. And now, I have the luxury of doing the same in our home...and in my jammies. :) I can't pinpoint why this time of day gets me ready for my day, but it does. I get my coffee undisturbed, I spend time with my creator, and I have something right in front of me to praise Him for.

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  1. I was not born wired to get up early but as I've gotten older I've been learning the importance of spending at least a few precious moments in the morning with the Lord and I'm trying desperately to train my body to get up between 5-6am. I love that instead of you complaining about those early morning hours you are embracing them and choosing the spend them doing the best and most important thing of all!! Hugs to you girly, YOU ROCK!!!