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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Shout out to Brian

Joel with Dr. Brian Boville, 6/2010

When we go up to Tacoma for appointments, I'm fine.  We get in there, we do our stuff, and we get out.  I drive the same way home each time.  And each time, like clockwork, I get a golfball sized lump in my throat that I have to fight until we get to I-5.  We've been home now for over three months.  We're happy (most days, :) and each day that we have appointments for Joel we're receiving good news.  The reason for the lump is pure emotion surrounding MBCH.  Pure Sadness.  Pure hope.  Pure love.  Pure joy.  Pure, uninterrupted time we spent with our savior.  When I think about, talk to, or see the people I became so close to during our time in the Mary Bridge PICU, I am reminded of this.  We had lots of emotion when we were here.

This post is for you.  For you, because you intersected our lives during the very most vulnerable moments.  For you, because God specifically created you to save children's lives.  I've never seen a person with more pure passion for their work.  You scooped up my baby like you would your own.  You thought up "cool" ideas of things for us to do as a family when Adam & I got the kids for a week, and we so desperately needed a 'staycation'.  You have as much excitement over Joel's achievements as we do, and I think part of that was that you were there for the worst.  When I stumbled across this photo tonight, I got that lump again.  Whether it was by choice or circumstance, I am so thankful that our paths crossed.  Thank you for being who God created you to be, and a light in our lives.  You inspire many.  From Joel & I. :)


  1. Kari,
    Your kind comments lifted my spirits tonight and if you only knew how that fuels the soul of us intensivits! Thank you. My thoughts and prayers to you and your wonderful family! Keep in touch!


  2. We are very thankful for you as well Brian!!! I'm sure it is never easy telling a family they need to send their baby in for surgery but to find a way to do it when that day is Christmas Eve, well, thank you for the care and concern you showed us.
    Carrie Jason Tristan and TIERNAN Flynn!