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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've got joy, joy, joy, joy....

I know I've said this a hundred times, but I don't care.  I'll say it again.  God is so good.  And he knows me so well.  Things have been so tough trying to get our resources lined up for feeding, finances have fallen through the floor in more ways than one...  and not that our set up here isn't completely from God, but it's still tough.  It's tough being 28, having four kids, and living with your parents, regardless of how wonderful and willing they are to have you under their roof. 

I met Debbie today, an RN from the health department.  She came to our home to visit with Joel and I about our feeding regimen.  That in itself was a dream come true.  So much has changed since we last saw dietary, and we really needed guidance there.  That's not all she did.  She managed our WIC care, talked with us about SSI and OHP benefits, and alerted us to things that we qualify for/aren't taking advantage of.  She was awesome.  She talked with us about what Joel is currently eating, gave us new goals, and wants to see us again in a week.  I love her.

What a faithful God we serve, that we get help when we ask for it.  Debbie was the person I needed to talk to today.  She lifted my spirits when I needed them lifted most.  <3


  1. Yay, God is good, all the time! I am so happy to hear that things are looking up :)

  2. I just love you Kari, and your family and all that you stand for. You and Adam knew going to Oregon that God was behind you, beside you and in front of you and wouldn't forsake your needs. You are blessed girl! And I am blessed to know you. I'm so happy you had an awesome day and that the love of God was again revealed to you in a little way...

  3. Thank the Lord for Family! It is amazing how when times get tough, family is always the first to step up and go through the trials alongside us. They don't need to carry our burden, that's what the Lord will do, but they are always there to lighten the load and love us unconditionally. Thank you for sharing even the tough times and encouraging the rest of us to keep on pressing into the Lord as he continues to impress himself into us. This verse is exactly how you started your post and has now encouraged my day,

    "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and he knows those who trust in Him." (Nahum 1:7) xoxo

  4. Hi There,
    We have some mutal friends. My nurse is Denise and my ot is Suzy and they both gave me you blog address and thought we would have a lot in common. I'm so glad to hear that Joel is doing well he sounds like such an awesome little boy. You can see my daughter at praying4raygen.blogspot. I hope to chat soon.