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Monday, August 2, 2010

Crazy Week

Thankful it's Monday. Last week was definitely a test of sanity, among other things...

We're learning how to balance a healthy marriage & parenting on little sleep. We had two nights this week with no night coverage, so we pulled graveyard a couple times. If I didn't have a life pulling me in five hundred directions during the day, it could totally grow on me. I can accomplish during the wee hours of the night things that I notice all day long and never seem to get finished...taking out the recycling pile on my kitchen counter, laundry, art projects, drinking a cup of coffee before it gets cold. Brings back memories of staying up all night painting. Theoretically, it would work. Realistically, I was mentally insane by Sunday. No sleep, general hectic-ness, and Mia smearing poop all over upstairs TWICE in one week, (and that's with taping her diaper on....) I think that pretty much sums it up....and then there's Friday.

Adam had to drop off Logan/pick up Connor in Eugene Friday. We had to go to Tacoma. Since he was driving farther, it made sense that he take the Kia and I take the gas-guzzling suburban. The appointments went great. Joel had an EEG & a venous (2 HOUR) ultrasound. We haven't got the results of the ultrasound yet, but the EEG showed normal brain function, and we were given the go-ahead to start the phenobarbital wean. YAY! We stopped by the PICU, saw some friends, had a great time. We ended up getting out of Tacoma at 5:30. On a Friday. In a car with no a/c or working cigarette lighter adapters. Test faith much? When we finally reached Lakewood, our suction machine was fully out of power, and we got a call from a friend alerting us to a 12 car accident on I-5. We pulled off for gas and decided maybe we should just stop off for dinner as well...we were unsure of how long we'd be stuck in traffic, and we only had about 4 or 5 hours left on the vent battery. Red Robin it was. We were able to save a booth next to the hostess stand and get Joel plugged in before the dinner rush arrived. I was pretty nervous getting him into the restaurant, but once we got settled in and I got my iced tea, it was smooth sailing. Joel's first time to Red Robin was a success! I'm so glad we were forced to act in a situation like this, because now I think I could take him to a restaurant again with ease. We did it!

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