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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stuff's gettin better

Our family dynamics have changed a wonderful way. Three times a day we get to turn the ventilator off. We unplug Joel from his feeding. We take the oximeter probe off. And we walk around. We sit wherever we want, and we don't have to worry about rearranging cords. Three times a day. The other morning, Joel got to snuggle with me on the front porch couch, which meant a lot to me, because I usually sit out there alone or with Adam, and from the couch, I have a perfect view of Joel's bed. It was neat to have him on my side of the window. It's a new freedom, and it's a nice break from the beeps, and the spaghetti. Things are looking up once again. Soon it won't be minutes, it will be hours that I'll get with him off of the machines. Wrapping him up close to me, like babies are supposed to be.

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