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Monday, May 9, 2011

They Call Me Tater Salad...

We're doing lots of fun, new things around here.  Joel's found a new interest in any and everything we're eating.  Last night we had potato salad, and he whined when Adam would forget to give him another "bite"....Who knew that a little mayo, mustard, pickle juice, and vinegar would capture a little boy's heart. :)
(Ok, so this isn't the greatest video of his eating talents...there were two.  The other one involved talking and coughing from the other people at the table and this one had waving in it.  I went with the waving.)

This week he started crawling!  We're only up to 3 "hand-knee's" at a time, but we're getting there.  He's teething, so it's been tough getting him to have the motivation to work on PT.

Waving is another big thing.  When we enter a room, he knows to wave to everyone.  Over and over and over. :)

Drinking.  He wants to drink from a cup.  I'm not sure if this is ok for him to do, but he's getting little mouthfuls of water, and doing a great job.  Water is SO MUCH FUN....or so he thinks.

Meddling.  He's getting into everything.  Last night, he knocked over a giant stand of cd's from his highchair.  He's learned to open and close cabinet drawers...(which sometimes includes his fingers.  Ouch!)  He rolls to Papa's dvd's in the tv stand and throws them all over the living room floor.  With the other kids, this would have drove me insane.  I'm still applauding, because with every new thing, it's just one more miracle we're witnessing.  We'll see how I feel about applauding these fun "messes" by next week. :)


  1. The sips of water from the open cup was exactly how T started drinking again. It wasn't long before he would take the sippy. Way to go Joely!!!!!

  2. Oh, and I lOOOOVE this reaction to the tater salad. That's awesome. Good boy! :)