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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's hot. Let's do summer stuff.

Insert five million pictures....done!  Summer seems to finally be in full-swing here, and we were so ready.  Our garden is getting large enough to install trellises, and I actually got in the water today (RARE.  SO RARE.)  The last time Adam and I lived in the Rogue Valley, we lived very different lives.  He co-owned three piercing/tattoo shops, I was a party girl, and we were newly dating.  We didn't do much "outdoor exploration."  Now that living back in the area, we're realizing just how wonderful this part of Oregon is.  There is so much to do outdoors.  We've hiked tablerock...(not as fun for the kids as it was for us, :) visited Ashland's weekend art market and Lithia Park, spent some time out in Jacksonville, and today we went to Emigrant Lake for a picnic and some swimming.  We've made our 2nd Annual 'summer fun list' and budget constraints or not, we're going to make this the best summer yet!

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