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Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer's End

Today was the last day before Connor starts first grade.  I'm so excited for Adam and my sanity through the next year, as Connor and Mia are in a "Ihatemysiblingsoi'mgoingtofightwiththemeverychanceiget" phase.  They are driving us bonkers.  But also, It's tough.  I can't believe our baby is going to be away from us all day.  It's also a very "time stamping" event.  That means that we've been living with my parents for an entire summer.  Like 3 months without my favorite coffee mugs or my shiney oversized black belt...or my couch or my bed....(I do have a's just not a tempurpedic ;)

Adam and I have started looking for rental housing in our budget, which is tiny by the way... and it appears that we either need to learn a second language, join a gang, or get our concealed licenses.....for real.  It's that bad.  I'm trying not to get discouraged, but I just don't know what else to do.  Apartment living is starting to become an option, but with 4 kids....ouch.  It's just not a good combo.  I know God will provide for our family.  The waiting is not very fun though. :) Story of my life!  HAHA  I can't wait to see all of our stuff again.  To have our own space....TO HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH MY HUSBAND WITHOUT MY PARENTS OR A NURSE NEARBY....  Oh, the simple things :)

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