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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well, what the heck are we supposed to do now?

So, I've tried to stay away from the monotonous feeding posts, because really, it's boring.  And things are changing so fast with Joel that I could keep a blog just for the dang tube news.  We went down on his bolus feeds because he was eating so well by mouth.  And now he won't eat.  Again.  I thought by going down on his boluses we would increase his appetite....RIGHT??!!  Wrong.  He is being a picky toddler.  Now the micro-managing mother in me wants to make him eat.  Because that is what I would do with my other children.  Consistency would theoretically be a very key thing here.  But what about oral aversion?  Would forcing a child to eat be harmful to his tube wean in the long run?

He won't eat anything with calories, and we've actually had to supplement with another bolus feed tonight because he's not meeting the daily 300 calorie minimum.  I'm so bummed.  And feeling stuck. I don't want him to lose weight, and I really want us to meet our goal of him getting his tube out by next March. :/  Why didn't this kid come with a manual?!!

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