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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Postponed #13

means many things.  On Thursday, Joel was scheduled to go in for his 13th surgery: closing up his trach stoma.  It was different that the other surgeries in that it was supposed to be his final surgery.  FINAL.  As in no more.  I can't put into words how momentous this surgery was to me.  I want so bad for the next chapter in Joel's book to be one that didn't involve checking into hospitals, and I thought we were there....

But we're not yet.  Joel had a cold, (which he has now given to me...) and it prevented them from feeling safe performing the surgery at the scheduled time.  And it makes perfect sense; who wants to have their neck sewn shut and then have a cough on top of that?  Ouch.  The risk of him blowing out his sutures was high, so we went back home.  (On a side note, I called in advance to let them know he had a cold, and they said he would be fine...that was before we drove 5 hours to get there.  That's another story.  One in which I yell obscinities about OHSU, and I don't have the energy to do that today.)  So we're waiting until cold season is over to have his lucky #13.  And until then, we wait.  I mean, what's another 6 months with a hole in your neck, right?

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  1. Wow. Sorry, honey, you are so prepared and with's a shame the rest of the world seems out of touch sometimes. Great to see all the progress Joel has made since birth. He's remarkable and I love the pictures of him with his siblings; their care for him shines through the camera lens.