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Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodbye, Golden Retriever

I'm sitting up to my computer, tears running by the bucket full, wads of kleenex, and a near-empty box of truffles.  HAHA.  What a sight to see.

We had planned on making a trip to Tacoma tomorrow morning.  Our cardiologist is moving out of state, and really, I think the plan was probably for us to say good bye.  We've reached the 'once-a-year' stage, and Joel won't have any lasting heart issues.  It's easier for everyone for us to pick someone closer.  We got a call first thing this morning to let us know that our insurance denied our visit.  So we're not going.

Now, when I make trips to Tacoma, I usually try to fit as many visits in as possible.  I see friends, family, hospital staff that we've grown close to.  This trip included a visit with our favorite intensivist, who happens to be moving to Grand Rapids, MI.  He invested his heart into the care and recovery of my son through our hospital stay.  He sat me down during the wee hours of the morning and told me to prepare for my son passing that day.  He watched, as we waited, and watched him slowly recover.  I saw his enthusiasm in our victories.  Still to this day, he keeps track of Joel's progress.  It means the world to us.

I didn't think much of the cancelled heart first.  Until I realized who we'd be missing.  And now, here I am...a mess, seeing a chapter in our life closing.  We have no more obligations in Washington. 

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