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Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's a typical Saturday morning at our house.  Mia's up to the bar, naked, watching cartoons with food all over her face......Connor's there too, tattling on her for getting into the truffles on the counter.  Jojo's in bed with Adam, after being up in the middle of the night for some odd reason.  He was saying "HIIIII  HI HI HI HI PAPA PAPA PAPA...." for about 15 minutes at 4am before being coaxed back to sleep.   It was so cute hearing him, even though I was half awake.  I need to make coffee.

Adam's been interviewing for a job at the bank.  It sort of fell in our lap.  We weren't looking for a job for him.  The plan was for him to go to school.  It was his first week, and he's been stressing about Spanish, and then BAM.  He gets an interview.  And next week he has interview #2 and #3.  And by the end of next week, we find out if we get to live in an apartment, or a house.  I'm praying for a house.  This job feels right.  Like SO right, like finding a puzzle to Adam's puzzle piece.  I can't imagine them not offering him the position.  We found a house yesterday off a craigslist ad, and put a few dollars down for an application fee.  They know it's pending the job which we'll find out about before next Friday, but we want to reserve it in case.  It's an older home, remodeled, near our church (that I'm hoping to attend again soon,....) and it has everything we need.  We can't raise chickens there, but I'm ok with that.  There's room for the trampoline, and there's actually an outbuilding/shed that is pretty perfect for my pottery studio.  I'm thrilled.  Adam's acting his usual non-emotional self....  Everything seems to be on the line, but really it's not.  We came here for Adam to get back in school, and to be near our family, which we are.  I wish I had a picture to share, but I don't.  Please pray for this fabulous stuff to come into fruition!  PAH-LEEEZE!

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