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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jamie's Heart Foundation Gala 2012

We made it to our 2nd Jamie's Heart Dinner on March 24th.  It was so great to see our friends again!!  We stayed with Lydia and Ralph and they watched (and spoiled) Mia when we went to the dinner.  Here are a couple of pics from the evening. I even worked up the courage to give the evening toast in front of 140 people! 

I know I've posted about Jamie's Heart Foundation before, and I'll post about it again.  I love this organization.  As tragic as Jamie's passing was for the Hannahs, they've turned their sorrows into an incredible blessing for other heart families.  They helped our family financially when we were in the ICU with Joel, and that allowed our family to focus on our son's healing instead of our bills.  I will forever work to help and support them extend this same help to other families.  We love you, Tim and Corina!

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