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Monday, October 18, 2010

One,, two....No, THREE!!!

It has been a big, tough week for the poor little munchkin.  Joel is at high-risk for just about everything, one of which being bacteria.  This was his third time fighting off staff & pseudemonas (I don't know if I spelled that right...I'm too tired to look it up,) and this time added moraxella catarrhalis.  I haven't heard of that one yet, but I've been told it can cause ear infections.  We caught it early, way early, and this has actually been the quickest turnover during his antibiotics.  So, fighting off three bacteria was tough....but that's not all...

He also cut not one, not two, but THREE teeth in two days!  Should I be surprised that my son does everything with a bang?  I guess not.  At least he's getting everything out of the way at once.  It actually looks like he might get a fourth tooth by the end of this week.  It makes me feel a little more comfortable knowing that his fever might have been from teething and not from the bacteria.  Either way, he's a stud.  What a week for a little dude.  7 months old and 5 chompers.  :)

Please think and pray for J-man as he goes in for his portacath removal on Thursday.  It's supposed to be very minor, but it is sedated, so it might wear him down quite a bit.  Pray for health during our cold and flu's our first one, and unfortunately, having a plastic tube down his throat makes the preventable- inevitable.   

Again, thanks so much for all of your encouragement this past couple of weeks.  We've really needed to be built up, and you've shown us what friendships are all about.  We appreciate you.  XO

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