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Sunday, February 13, 2011

For Better or Worse

It weird blogging now sometimes.  Fall With Style was originally my personal blog, and then when Joel was born, I erased all of my past posts and started blogging about our journey with him.  So what am I supposed to do when I just want to write about me?  Or things I want to write about that don't pertain to him?  I may need to do a little blog-remodeling...Joel's getting better, and though most of my posts will still be about him, I'm not getting new "news" on him as often as I was in the hospital, and I still need my place to write. 

And on top of the blog-topic dilemma, there's the fact that I've been down.  DOWN.  For months, it seems.  The waiting feels like it's killing me.  The responsibility of babysitting nurses and their schedules is killing me....I could go on and on about the things I think are killing me right now.....and I just wanna say,....that I really love my husband.  He's really stepped up to the plate.  He started a new job last month, and I know it's been really hard on him.  It's been hard on us financially, with most of our savings being exhausted from Palm Harbor's lack of base-pay/home sales.  It's been tough.  And he's continued to be there for me in a way that only a loving husband can.  There are no hot baths, or nights out with the girls, or glasses of wine that can compare to the comfort I feel with Adam by my side.  He's everything to me.  And he worries about me.  And he does his very best to help me, even when I don't know what could possibly help.  Rubbing my feet.  Giving me $5, and sending me to Starbucks....(alone!)  Putting the kids to bed early.  Adam, if you read this, I want you to know how very much I love you.   For better or worse.  I will never forget this season we're in together.  I will cherish these times as much as our happy ones.

Happy Valentine's Day, baby.

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