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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let's Talk About Food.

Food and the tube.  Uuugh.  This will get better.  We're at the start and it's going to get better.  So a week ago, Joel was eating up to 11 ounces of baby food a day....around 100 calories.  I was stoked.  Something changed when I went to work.  Daddy feeding him was apparently the trick.  And then we had G.I. a week ago.  Until now, Joel's been on a formula that is basically broken down for him.  His body didn't need to do any work to retrieve the nutrients from it; and there was a reason for that.  He was getting all of his food directly into his small intestines.  HOWEVER, now that he's the cool dude that he is, taking foods in his stomach like normal people....I thought we should push for pediasure. It's normal for kids his age, it comes pre-made, so I don't have to be making pitchers of formula everyday (YAY,) and it's what his body needs.  So we made the switch.  La-de-dah.  And guess what?  The kid doesn't want to eat now.  Not at all.  He's figured out the sign for "all done" and "yucky/don't-put-that-in-your-mouth" and he does both when I offer him bites of my food.  Going from 10-11 ounces to maybe 4 is disappointing.
Here's what we think is going on:  Pediasure is more filling.  His calorie/ounce has increased, there is more fiber in his food, and his body is having to do a lot of work....(normal for you and I, foreign for him.)
So now we wait.  We've been given the advice to wait it out, watch for normal bm's, and hopefully his appetite will increase.  Let's hope so.  We don't want to start back at square one.  Pray for Joel to eat!

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