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Saturday, July 30, 2011


We had a little sit-down with Corinne and Nancy this week.  Nancy is a family teacher and Corinne is our OT, (occupational therapist.)  It was our first time meeting with Corinne, and Joel pulled out all of his new dance moves for her (he has two. :)  I can't express enough how much I love therapists.  Besides the fact that I love our Washington crew, they are great people.  They want what's best for your child- to thrive and excel, they celebrate your victories with you.  It's exciting for us because it's reinforcement that we are actually making progress when it feels like we're in the middle of a plateau. 

The ladies dropped me a name of a Community Health Nurse, Debbie, who I am meeting with next week to discuss Joel's dietary needs.  Things have gotten worse in that area, and he's gone to eating little to nothing at all....part of which is from a change in formula, and part because he's stubborn.  I'm putting a lot of faith in a woman that I haven't met yet.  I'm hoping that she can help us resolve this issue, and make our child eat.  I want him to eat desperately.  Watching him refuse food all day long is really getting me down.  Some prayers would be great. <3  XO

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