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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Control Freak

I guess it was inevitable that this would happen.  Logan arrived for Christmas visit with a being the one with an overflowing plate, got sick.

Joel had his 3 month follow up with Cardiology this morning and, feeling like the walking dead, was forced to hand over an appointment to Adam.  I've never missed one of his appointments.....well, I've never missed one of his ANYTHING.  And it was torture.  Laying in bed while someone else was discussing my son's heart was absolute torture, but we all got through it.  And after they all got home, I realized that it was just as torturous for Adam to try and answer questions at one of Joel's dr. appointments. :)

The appointment went well!  His echo & EKG were both great.  He screamed his way through the ultrasound as usual, but other than that, they said everything was pretty normal.  We have him on a Holter monitor for the next 24 hours to record any abnormalities.  The arrythmias Joel has been having didn't show up in the tests, but that may be because of his increased sotalol dose. 

I guess that's all I can tell you.  I don't like being the one hearing second hand information.  It just seems like with a kid like Joel, there has to be at least 1 person who is there for everything.  One person who knows all of it.  That person needs to be I better get well soon.  Ni-nite!

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  1. So it made me crazy to give up that control to Jason when I went back to work last year. I would get so annoyed that he wouldn't ask the questions I would given the information presented at the appointments. Then I realized it wasn't so bad letting him be the one dealing with the dang GJ tube and come to find out, he has a gift for getting Tiernan to be calm during Echos. This is simply not in my skill set evidently. lol Hang in there. I hope you are feeling better. <3