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Monday, December 20, 2010

I read an essay about a mother who locked her kids out of the house during "snow-week" after being cooped-up in the house for 3 days straight.  It sounds abusive and terrible, but it was absolutely hilarious...if you  happen to read any of David Sedaris' work, this story is called "snow day."

Please note that I LOVE MY CHILDREN with every speck of my human heart.  Every speck.  And it's not snowing here, but I do live in Washington, and it rains most of the fall, winter, and spring.  I'm used to it, and most of the things I love to do are indoors anyway.

BUT....If I had the opportunity to have no kids or nurses for ONE DAY.  Just one day, this is what I would do:

1) Wake up at 8.  This is sleeping in for me.  Have a latte (we don't own an espresso machine...sigh, but IF I DID...) and a cream cheese danish for breakfast, and read my bible.  In peace.  No rush, no report to get, no kids to feed, no "Honey, could you...?"  Just silence, and the smell of good coffee, with the perfect view out my master bedroom window. 

2) Turn on my new Norah Jones cd and listen to all of the words without being interrupted.  In the bathtub.  ALONE in the bathtub. 

3)  Get back in bed and watch a movie in my jammies, and knit. 

4)  Go downstairs for lunch, not have to see anyone, get into the fridge and see that the refrigerator is pre-stocked for me to make a turkey sandwich just the way I like it.  Iced tea too.  Go back upstairs, restart my movie marathon, and eat my lunch in bed.

5)  Call an old friend.

6)  Take a nap without having to think about 'how many more minutes I have until I have to wake up.'

7) Paint my nails.

8)  Browse through a stationary store.

I know, it's pretty boring.  But I can't remember the last time I was alone for an entire day...(the hospital doesn't count.  I was bordering a mental breakdown...) I guess I'm just a little "cooped up," and the boys have been playing wii for two straight days, and everytime we seem to get out of the house I end up responsible for everyone getting out the door, and snacks, and packing extra underwear...and Joel...

Mommy needs a mommy-break.  In her own home. :)


  1. That day sounds pretty good to me! Sometimes I think wistfully of the Saturdays in Portland where I'd go for a 10-mile run, get some Qdoba takeout and spend the rest of the day bundled up on the couch watching movies. Bonus points if it was raining, too. :)

  2. That sounds like an absolutely perfect day to me! I am a sucker for stationery stores too... maybe buy a pretty new journal and a pen... some stickers and stationery.... a candle or 2 to write by... ahhhh.....