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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


#1:  Joel's eye appointment.  It was today, and it wasn't fun.  He cried the whole time, I'm assuming because he's teething, it interrupted his early nap time, and he realized that Dr. Baxtrom was trying to make him do work.  On the bright side, his acuities have improved again.  He's almost at 20/50, and a normal baby's vision isn't much better than that.  Our only focus now is to make sure to work that left eye muscles so that his brain will remember to use it, and continue getting that great vision.  !!!!  That is awesome news.  His two pairs of glasses were re-vamped a bit with his bi-nasals being increased on one eye, and we'll continue working on his eye exercises.  (Side Note:  A really enthusiastic grandma in the waiting room tried to pick Joel up without asking.  And then tickled him hard right where his feeding tube was.  And he didn't like it.  And neither did I.  I was a little shocked, but she did mention that her daughter was expecting, so maybe she was just excited to be around a baby.  Either way, for future reference people...don't touch a stranger's baby's hands without asking the child's mother first.  And if you know that a child is/was medically fragile, DON'T attempt to pick them up.  Say hello from a distance.  The majority of the people they see poke them with needles, take their blood pressure, and make them do things that are scary to them.  Greeting them from a distance reassures them that not everyone in life is a health care worker.)

#2:  Joel ate a strawberry today.  First food.  Ever.  I gave it to him because he was teething, and it was cold from the refrigerator.  Figured he'd bit into it, taste it, and be done.  Nope.  He loved it!  Glad to see it too, strawberries are my very favorite thing to eat.

#3:  Having a few GI issues.  Last week, we switched Joel to Vital Jr. at night.  The plus side to doing this is that it can hang for 12 hours at a time, meaning that Joel's feeding pump won't be beeping in the middle of the night, and I won't be running downstairs to refill it.  Also last week, Dr. Yuwono ordered a supository for Joel for constipation.   ALSO LAST WEEK, all of the kids got a stomach bug and had the 'hershey squirts'.... and here we are 7 days later....STILL changing clothes, bedding, and bathing Joel after every diaper.  Not fun.  I made the 'walk of shame' today, as I brought a stool sample to the lab, (gross!) and Joel's been on pedialyte only for the last 24 hours, and now we're up to 1/4th strength formula, and 1/2 strength tomorrow....and *sigh* Vital Jr. was discontinued until further notice.  Bummer....but I hope his tummy feels better soon.....I'm SO done with spray n' washing everything in our house!

Ok.  So there's little man's update. :)  Have a good night!

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  1. You are an amazing Mother and such an inspiration to me. Seriously. Love you!