Life Starts Now.

Living each day to the fullest, because we know first-hand just how fragile life can be.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


First day ever driving Joel alone.  3pm traffic, almost to Lakewood.  Busy.  Check my rear view mirror, Joel's dazed.  Look back at the road.  Drive more.  Look back again.  Joel's in the same position.  Not sleeping.  Not awake.  Not blinking.  I say his name to try and get his attention.  Nothing.  Say it again, "Joel."....still nothing.  This time, I yell, "JOEL!"  Nothing.  Reached behind my seat, grabbed his arm and shook it.  No blink, no budge.  Dodging traffic, I get from the fast lane to the shoulder in seconds, rip out of my seat belt.  Get out of car.  Open door.  Shake Joel while screaming his name....and he looks up at, "What, mom?"  I stood there, staring at him, hand capped over my mouth...loud all around us as cars and trucks and semi-trucks head Southbound.  Joel sits up, looks over at his sister.  Grabs a toy and claps it together with his hands.

We made it home tonight without any other incidents like this one.  I think I'm ready for bed now.  Looks like I may be making a phone call in the morning. 


  1. um. AAAAHHHH! That's all.
    oh, and love you lots.

  2. I can't even begin to imagine your fear! We love you and are very very proud of you. Your children are beyond lucky to have such a devoted momma <3

  3. Have you considered writing a book? Maybe not yet, because I want the book to end with Joel running around giving you a hard time right alongside Mia and Connor. You are a really gifted writer and I love reading your blog. And it's not just because I love you - there are tons of people I love who's writing style makes me bored or crazy.