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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Wow.  I don't think I can sum up the last three weeks into a blog post.  Here's a (very quick-like) summary...

-Adam and I start talking about going back to school....which was pretty impossible with his income and our schedule, and large monthly payments.  Which started another talk.  About downsizing into a smaller home.  Which fueled another talk....why would we be moving if it wasn't moving us closer to Logan?  And another talk....we can pretty much move anywhere we want now that Joel's trach is out and appts are farther and farther apart....

-A few days later, after working on A's resume, and making some connections down South near my parents, the talk of school comes back up again....and Adam said he felt like we needed to prepare for this move to happen...wherever and whenever that may be.

-Two days later, out of the blue... Adam was 'let go' at work.  Just like that.

So, school is coming sooner than we planned.  We sold half of our home's furniture, our gas-guzzling POS suburban, packed up our things, and moved to Oregon.  Like that.  And that was three days ago.  Our lease on the house was "coincidentally" set to end at the end of May.

It's great I guess.  We're going in the direction we were wanting.  Furthering our education.  Doing whatever it is that we want to do in life.  And as hard as it was for me to let go of my beautiful furniture, and say goodbye to many of my favorite things, that's all that it was.  Stuff.  It means a lot to all of us to stick closer together to my parents.  Adam's dad is 74 years old....we're not sure how great his health is, and maybe it's about time we get a little closer to him as well. 

It's just not happening like I planned.  Go figure.  I didn't want to be temporarily living with my parents until financial aid and part time jobs get lined up, but that's how it worked out, and I'm incredibly thankful that my parents are able and willing to help us out in that way.

We're exhausted.  We moved a house, had a garage sale, and set up most of the changes that come along with moving and 9 days.  I didn't think that was humanly possible.  I continue to surprise myself.

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids from the past two days.  PS- We have sun.  Neener neener!

helping mama plant flowers

His new long as they're not all the way ripe...

Loving the outdoors! 

Nice socks, Connor :)


I forgot one thing....I miss you Washington people.  Terribly.


  1. I miss you - gwen

  2. I love you and I love your beautiful kids and I love that you just did all that even if does mean I don't get to have the opportunity to come visit and I looove the pic of Joel stuck under his push toy....and the cantalope. I love that being in Joel's mouth. :) xoxoxo

  3. love you Carrie! glad you are closer to the fam!

  4. ohh, next time your in the burg, lets do a Photoshoot! :) I'm working on my portfolio

  5. I just typed you this long heartfelt response and lost it. I send you a message soon.