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Friday, April 15, 2011

A New Adventure

So we're moving.  To Medford, Oregon.  Where Adam and I began.  We had planned on this happening, but only recently, and not this way.  Adam lost his job yesterday.  Unplanned.  So it's now. 

But this is good in so many ways.  Our original desire was for us to FOLLOW OUR DREAMS.  We're young.  And life can change so fast.  I never wanted to be the mom of a fragile baby, but I am.  And now I have all of this knowledge, all of this stuff.  So that changes who I want to be.  What I want to do.  How I want to change my world.  How I want to change the lives of my children.  Our children.

We moved to Washington out of necessity.  The promotion came with a transfer.  And then there was Joel.  And nursing and appointments, and yada yada.  But that move to Washington didn't come easy.  We left a little boy behind.  And I'm so happy to know that our move will benefit him.  If there's no job here, and no emergent need to be here, then we need to keep our family together.  And our other half of our family lives in Myrtle Creek. 

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