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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

...and then there's one from today.

The bronch came and went as scheduled.  And as expected, Joel's trach did not come out this morning.  Which was fine by me.  It's March.  I had 6 people unable to come to Joel's birthday party because they were sick....obviously it's not optimal timing to remove a trach.  Originally back in September, I don't think I understood completely what happens when Joel gets sick, because until that time he hadn't...but it really sets him back in all areas of developmental progress, and his respiratory status gets dramatically affected with any sign of any kind of sickness.  Let's play it smart. 

Joel had another bronch in early January, because of some blood in his secretions.  It was just to look around and see how things were going, fairly routine to do one after 6 months anyway.  Dr. Ricker had found a small amount of scar tissue right above his trach at that time.  He said he was fairly confident that Joel wouldn't need surgery to get his trach removed, (meaning that the scar tissue was small enough that it wouldn't be occluding his airway without the trach in place.) 

But somehow, within just two months, Joel's scar tissue has increased to a size that blocks his airway.  Today, his trach was removed for a short period of time, just to see how he could breathe with it out.  His sats immediately dropped to 92 with an oxygen blow-by, and work of breathing was pretty rough.  I'm stumped.  We're so careful about how we suction him and his care in general.  We have a good team here.  I micro-manage every detail of his rehabilitation towards normal.  Even in my sleep.  (For real.)  So how did this happen?  Why?  I'm all-for having Joel's trach out in God's timing, and not mine.  I do.  I just wish it didn't involve my son being messed with again.  I think he's had enough for a lifetime.

Thanks to a certain super-cool someone who got us surgery as soon as this Saturday, we will be getting started on Joel's occluded airway.  Once that heals, I guess we start with plan #2.  Until then, here are a few prayer requests....'cause we SO need prayer.

-Joel's surgery needs to go smoothly, with no damage done to his vocal cords or airway.
-Quick recovery
-For our family to stay healthy
-A continued strong bond between Adam and I.

Thanks for reading, and praying, and thinking of our little man and his family.  Goodnight.  XO


  1. Always praying for you guy! Love ya

  2. Praying continuously for your whole family, the doctors and new mercies each day. God is using this and he has amazing plans for Joel's life!

  3. Tif Beckman DvorakMarch 15, 2011 at 10:06 PM

    I am praying...

  4. As ever - praying for Joel, his Mommy & Daddy and the whole clan. Courage girl. You are a brave, strong woman and you serve a MIGHTY GOD! Love to you.

  5. Sending up prayers for Joel, his surgery, recovery and for your whole family! Thank you for keeping us updated!!!