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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Best Case Scenario.

Ok, so if one were to judge the entire day by the first two hours of my day, it would be terrible.  I didn't sleep well last night, as always, we were late leaving the house (I HATE BEING LATE!), and then our car got stuck in 4-wheel drive.

The day didn't go like the morning did.  Dr. Ricker was very pleased at Joel's weight gain (19lbs, 15oz!!), sats were decent, and he then he plugged Joel's trach with his thumb to see how he could take breaths in through his mouth.  And he did wonderful. :)  He wasn't happy about having his trach plugged, but I don't think I would be either!  So, plans have been made to prepare for Joel's trach removal.  On March 15th, Joel will have his second broncoscopy.  They will look again at his airway for scar tissue, remove the trach, and see how he breathes without it.  There is a possibility on that day...........that he could get his trach out.  Now, it's only March.  Which was my original goal.  But it's only March.  Cold/flu season is definitely in it's "element" right now, and I'm getting a little nervous.  I know Dr. Ricker plays it safe.  But the thought...the possibility, has me getting my hopes up.

This is what I ask of you.  If you are the praying-type, these are the things we need prayer for right now:

-Wisdom for Joel's doctors.

-Continued good health for Joel and our family

-That if Joel's trach is taken out on March 15th, that it is because it is ready to come out.  We don't want to re-trach.

-Strength, endurance and peace for our family in this time of transition, especially for Logan, Connor, and Mia.  They feel our stress more than we do.

-Jobs for our nurses when our case ends.

Thank you for all of your continued support, good thoughts, and prayers.  I love you.

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  1. This gives me full body chills! It could happen so soon!! I will absolutely be praying for all of those things. Love you!!!