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Sunday, March 13, 2011

One year ago today, I was sitting in a hospital bed.  Alone and scared.  Our child had been transported in the middle of the night to Tacoma.  The last moments spent with him were in prayer, when Adam and I laid hands on him.  We had no idea what was wrong with him, whether he'd be ok, whether we'd ever see him alive again.  Sitting in a birthing ward without a baby is a pretty terrible place to be.

And now, a year later.  Celebrating victory.
We had a great time.  There was cotton candy, and enough circus themed goodies to feed the entire town.  We laughed and joked, and smashed the crap out of a creepy clown pinata!  I've tried uploading a few pics, but my uploader isn't cooperating.  Use your imagination, or check facebook. :)  We have so many reasons to celebrate.  So many amazing things have happened in the last year for us to be thankful for.  Joel, you are the definition of a fighter.  And you are ONE!

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  1. Yep. Crying here. So honored to have been a part of that wonderful victory party. I am also reminded of the words you have on the wall in Joel's room..."God keeps His promises." He has done so much healing in the past year. <3 you and your superstar Joel!!! xoxoxo