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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Calling super cute blond IV therapy/sedation girl!

Hey Angie, (hoping you read this :)

Joel had an allergic reaction to one of the products used for his IV placement last week.  I need the name of the product similar to rubber cement that you rubbed onto his skin to make the tape stick to him?  It was stinky?  Want to make sure to get the name before he gets an IV next Tues.  Thanks!  If you're around next week, come say hi!


  1. Of course I'm reading this, I love to check it and see what Joel and his family are up to. It was mastisol. I feel horrible he had a reaction. Poor little guy. I will keep my eye out for him next week and he will be in my prayers for a speedy and GREAT recovery. - Angie

  2. Obviously not directed at me and posted months ago...but I have to comment that I absolutely love the smell of mastisol. Henri had to have it constantly because of the face tape for his ET tube. I share that love with another NICU nurse, so I don't feel quite so weird. :)


  3. I LOVE THE SMELL OF MASTISOL TOO!!!! So funny. I love Purell too. It reminds me of Joel. :)