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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just the Six of Us

It's Logan's spring break, and Tuesday/Wednesdays are Adam's days off.  Since it's the only two days that we get to spend as a family during his week vacation, and it wasn't raining....I let Connor skip school today. :)  It was worth it for us to get out together and make some memories.  Even if it was 20 minutes away.

The morning started out very similar to a Sunday morning.  Me, struggling to get everyone ready, while Adam plays around with the kids...  My husband has a billion great attributes.  Helping me get kids out the door is not one of his best talents. :)  It was a nightmare.  Mia's doing this new whining thing that drives me up the walls.  Joel's cutting 2 teeth, (cut 3 already in the last week, are we done yet with teething??!)  Connor fought with me over every little thing I picked out for him to wear, and Logan was in la-la land, "forgetting" to bring his hat and jacket- for the 9,000,000th time.  Somehow, we made it on the freeway.  Somehow.  And I'm so glad that we did.  Because there's something about physically getting on the freeway that calms me down....."It's ok, we're on the road.  We're on our way..."

We trekked around Tumwater Falls for the first time as a family.  It was so much fun.  A little scary for a minute, we decided not to take the emergency bag with us, and then Joel lost his HME halfway through, and I had to race back to the car to get the bag.  Bad choice.  Note to self: Just man-up and carry the extra bag next time. 

(SIDE NOTE:  We carry an emergency bag with us everywhere we go.  It has things like an extra trach, HME's, suction catheters, an Ambu-bag...  And an HME is the filter that hooks onto the end of Joel's trach.  It traps moisture and dust particles, which he needs because his air goes directly to his lungs instead of being filtered by a nose or mouth.  Outdoor air, and cold air at that, could be dangerous to his respiratory health without an HME.)

We made memories today.  For free.  We ate a sack lunch at the park, and some nice trail walking ladies took a few pics of us. Enjoy!

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  1. Okay. I love that last pic of Joel and the one of all 6 of you...with J peeking out from behind.
    By the way...Tristan says he's supposed to have his glasses. lol