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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another day, another day. Wishing my boobs would just fall off my body...I forgot how painful this is, even my armpits hurt! OW! I swear the devil is working overtime on me. First thing I hear this morning when I walk into the PICU: crying newborn in the room next to Joel's. Please, torture me a little more, why don'tcha. I wish he'd move on to someone else, I'm not's annoying, but I'm not budging. :)
After the initial boobie-shock, I got to spend some good time with Joel. They finally reduced his fentanyl to next to nothing. When I spoke to him, he was tracking me with his eyes, and he even smiled at me! Does it amaze anyone other than myself that he can smile through all of this? Incredible. Only a selfless infant could smile during a six-week stay in the hospital. I can't even wrap my mind around that. He is so perfect.
Connor and I are getting some one-on-one too. It's definitely tougher having the needs of yet another person on my plate, but I know he needed me. I'm sure he was feeling as "fish-out-of-water" as I was. He met one of the Tacoma Rainiers this morning, who autographed one of their game schedules for him, and talked with him about baseball for a while. I wonder if they know how much it means to these little kids? It made his day...he can't stop talking about it :)

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