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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fall With Style

I'd like to take a minute to blog about the saying that has played such a huge part in the last couple of years for me. "FALL WITH STYLE" was a sermon given by my old pastor in Roseburg, and it mainly referred to having strong faith in uncertain times. The economic status of Douglas County in 2008 was terrible, many people in our small town were either unemployed or laid off....(probably many of them still are.) It really challenged mine & Adam's "spiritual status" if you will. Adam and I had just gone through a tough time in our marriage, and climbing back from that was hard enough,....we weren't expecting such a tough hit on our income as well. For four months in a row, we brought home $600 total a month....yes, it was scary, but we didn't panic. We prayed. And we waited. And we ate in, and spent quality time with the kids, and we laughed, and we loved. We refused to let our monetary situation get the best of us. And looking back on it, even at our (very very sad) bank account's worst, we were the happiest we'd been in our five years together. You would be AMAZED at the the amount of meals that can include potatoes!!! :) We fell with style.

And here we are again, we have so many reasons to turn into "Chicken Little," but one very true and faithful reason not to. Our God takes care of us, and we trust in his promises. His love never fails us. We will fall with style, and he's gonna catch us on the other side.

A week before Joel was born, Adam was demoted, and our guaranteed income was sliced in half. After being admitted at Tacoma General, we got a call from our insurance. They got us in touch with Medicade, who accepted us for 100% coverage ONLY because of Adam's new decreased basepay. This hospital stay is expected to be HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars.

This little saying from a sermon I heard two and a half years ago has taken me far in my spiritual walk. It reminds me that I have nothing to fear. When I'm up in my son's room, I can relax and enjoy these precious first moments of his life, because that's exactly what they are. Precious.

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  1. Keri what you just shared gave me chills! It's all so true and I am so happy that you are staying so strong! You put a smile on my face:) Everyone needs to read this! It's so encouraging. I love you and your beautiful spirit. We all need to be like this!
    ps this is Tonya...I'm somehow on my husbands profile:)