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Monday, April 19, 2010

Reading material?...check!

Twilight got me. I resisted as long as I could. :) Don't worry, I'm not becoming some crazed fanatic or anything, but I totally get it. I get why every woman from age 15 to 50 finds this series so fascinating. It captures that "first love" feeling so well; it would give anyone chills. And once more, I find myself getting angry with a certain "crowd" that claims that Harry Potter and Twilight are bad reads for christians. (And, I may not be a "Team Edward girl," but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter!) We can get a gist of what the books are about by watching the movies, but there is SO much missing between the two. The Harry Potter movies may be about magic, but the Harry Potter books capture the heart of a little orphan who finally is finding acceptance and belonging, and love. In the book, magic isn't the focus, it's just a detail in the fight between good and evil. Same goes with Twilight....vampires are present, yes, but this is the most unique & wonderful love story! I know it's just my opinion here, but it just seems ignorant for people to throw such a big fit over books that they haven't read...movies, I understand, but books? Oh, and can I also give a shout out to the author for not making them have premarital sex? Just sayin'....there are more teens reading this book than not. :)

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