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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cliche or not, here they are.

2011 GOALS.

It's funny how these happened to align with New Year's Resolutions.  Adam and I have been watching marriage videos for the obvious reasons...we've been through a lot in the last year.  They've really refocused us on each other, and it's reminded us of the important things in we didn't already know ;)  One of the videos suggested writing down goals for the next year, individually as husband and wife, and then comparing them, seeing how alike/different they are.  So, here are far.

1) Use the Ab Circle I begged Adam for.  Get a pretty tummy by Spring.

2) Go to Chicago.  I had wanted to visit my cousin Jessie in March with Adam & Joel.....we'll see if this one comes to fruition.

3) Regular Datenights.  Adam and I get along WAY better when we get alone time away from the house & kids.

4)  Get Joel's trach out.

5)  Take Joel to the beach.

6)  Get a van.  I know, I swore it off....whatever.  I have 4 kids.  You don't realize what isn't kid-friendly until you experience something that IS.  We need one.  This one's going to be tricky and hard work.  It requires our Kia being paid off...

7)  Stable job & curb spending.  "Do you want it, or do you need it?"  Literally going to put post-its around the house with that quote on it.  No.  I don't need another pair of jeans if I have 3 that fit.  No, I don't need a tanning package to feel pretty.  My hair looks just fine without color on it.  The job part has already been taken care of.  Adam starts his NEW job on the 10th of this month.  Thank you Jesus.

8)  Put pottery dream on hold to FOCUS ON STRENGTHENING THE FAMILY.  This is the hardest one.  I love my kids and my husband so very very much.  It takes major will-power on my part to fight the selfish desires in my heart.  As some of you know, my husband bought me a new kiln for mother's day.  Obviously, I've had very little time to actually spend out in my studio, and it's gotten me resentful for my current "job" of a stay at home mom/nurse manager/jack of all trades...I want this to change.  There's a reason for me sitting alone with Joel right now while I could be sleeping upstairs with Adam and the rest of my family.  There's a reason why my dream has been placed on hold, and I don't want to be upset anymore about it.  Our family has been shaken from being apart for so long and then now, back together, but under extra stress.  We need to focus on meeting each other's needs instead of our own. 

So, here they are.  These are all written down, in short form, on the fridge, where I look at them frequently.  Happy New Year, everybody!

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  1. You have a blog! I am very excited to catch up on your life and get to know you a little better.

    Such great starting points you have here- What a great attitude to focus on what will last and what will build up your family and marriage. Being the woman that God has equipped you to become sometimes takes some tough decision, but they are so worthwhile. Keep on asking for wisdom and putting into play what God hands you. Sharing it is giving God the glory and allowing him to bless others through you at the same time you are inviting accountability. Way to go! Praying for the difficult decisions to come and looking forward to the wonderful ways that God will supply all your needs in Christ Jesus!