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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Very Small Part of Joel's Story, Our Financial Testimony

We were so excited to be able to share this (very condensed testimony) with our Bethel family on December 19th.  Thought I would share this with all of you as well.

In early February of this year, my husband Adam got a call from corporate.  Due to economic conditions, the nationwide company was forced to restructure.  Adam was demoted and our family was left with 1/3 of the monthly income we were used to.  We had prayed and fasted.  This answer to our prayers made no sense.
Just two weeks later, we were forced to put the job situation on the back-burner.  On March 12th, 2010, our fourth child, Joel was born with 4 heart defects.  He needed surgery to survive.  Priorities instantly shifted from "How do we provide for our four children," to "God, please let us keep all four of our children."
The day before surgery, we got a call from our private insurance company.  They knew of Joel's condition and suggested that we try and get on Medicade.  Joel's surgery would have put us over the lifetime limit, and my husband would be forced to find a new job.  After a phone interview, a DSHS worker was able to qualify Joel for 100% coverage, ONLY because of Adam's recent pay cut.
What began as a 5-7 day surgery and recovery turned out quite differently than we'd imagined.  3 1/2 months, 22 surgeries and procedures later, we left the ICU with a ventilator dependant baby.  By this time, Joel had home nursing, expensive life-saving equipment, 14 prescriptions, 5 specialists, weekly appointments, and a 2.8 million dollar bill...a bill that was taken care of because God was with us.
That 3 1/2 months was the most uncertain time in our lives.  We didn't know if our son was going to live, die, or ever be normal.  But when our finances were taken over like that, we were able to look back at the sequence of events and see that God had a plan for us, and a plan for our precious little Joel.  We sat in that PICU with our baby with complete confidence that God had everything in control and that He was with us!

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