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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy trails to you, sister...

As I've said hundreds of times, to everyone who asks about our experience at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital, I love every single person we've encountered in the hospital.  The nurses and doctors that cared for our son far exceed what we could expect.  It's more than diagnosing and treating and giving medicines.  It's love.  They are professional, and knowledgable, and kind.  They literally treated my baby like they would their own. 

My friend Jennifer is no exception here.  She was one of Joel's night nurses during most of his stay in MB PICU, she got me in touch with another family of a trach baby (who is now a thriving trach-free toddler,) who have given me guidance where staff could not.  Since being home, she's visited us at home.  She even came to work for our homecare company and worked two weekends a month, driving an hour from Tacoma.  Gosh, I can't say enough good things about her without getting sappy and emotional. :)  I was able to see her one last time today before she headed off to Texas with her family....a long move from Washington, but new adventures bring families closer together, and that warms my heart.  (I've moved a lot in my life....and I come from a very close family.)  I can't wait to see what Texas holds for them.

Best of luck to you, Jennifer.  I love and appreciate your kindred spirit!  So long, for now. XO

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