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Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's as simple as N-O.

Joel's new trick:  Shaking his head "no" when you tell him to cough, ask him to look at you (he'll think you're trying to make him exercise,) tell him to go ni-nite....pretty much any request, and he's figured out a response for it.  NO!

Can I please SHOUT TO THE WORLD HOW FREAKING AWESOME THIS IS???  Do you know the significance of this?  Do you know what kind of babies shake their heads no at 10 months old?  Normal babies do. 

Thank you God for giving me another piece of heaven.  It's so cute to watch him be so proud of himself, and it's a wonderful reminder of the healing He has done in Joel's precious body.  We won't know until some time what (if any) lasting side affects Joel's brain bleeds have left for us to combat.  I am waiting with comforting faith that this has been already taken care of, because I know it has.  Thank you for healing my baby!


  1. <3<3<3!!!!Hooray for milestones! Can you put up a video?