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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just Stuff. Progress.

This is merely for documentation.  Sometimes I like looking back on old posts of mine, to see how far we've come in progress.  Here are some of the main things we're working on right now with Joel:

1- Passy-Muir.  This is the one-way valve that forces air to come out of his mouth instead of out through the trach.  He's tolerating it better than he used to.  We're going for at least 10 mins out of every hour.

2- Tummy time.  This is a very long process....and I am not a patient person.  Sometimes I have to sit back and remember what Joel's gone through.  He's not like Connor and Mia.  His muscles are very underdeveloped, and it takes him a lot longer to "get" physical milestones, even though his mental milestones are in place where they should be.  (My two month old niece was here over the weekend, and Joel and her are doing tummy time very similar.)  It was tough working on this before the vent was dc'd during the day, and it's still tricky with his g-tube in the way. 

3-Eye exercises.  Tracking, Periferal, Doll's eye, and Motion. 


  1. Lucy is 3 months so he is further along than you think :)

  2. What a horrible aunt! I called her 2 months, when she's three. :(