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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just a little taste.

We were without a nurse on Monday, by choice.  Ladonna had nursing NCLEX to take on Wednesday, and I volunteered to let her to take a day off to study.  We've had company since before New Year's Eve, and I really DESPERATELY wanted a day at home with no one here but us.  And to my surprise, our OT also cancelled for our 9am, so we truly got what I was craving. 

I don't know about the rest of you mommies out there, but I have this thing about Monday mornings.  If my house is thrashed....(and I mean thrashed....did any of you catch my 365 Picture of Mia's room?  I neglect housework when we have company....FOR REAL.)...on a Monday morning, it sets my week off completely wrong.  Instead of getting a head start on chores, I end up staying in jammies, drinking coffee until 11am, overwhelmed with what is infront of me.  So I tidied-up the night before.  My house wasn't spotless, but it was good enough for me to start my day NOT thinking of all I wouldn't be able to complete.

We colored.  We had "school work" time, doing flash cards, and reading together, the four of us.  I put off the Monday morning calls until naptime, and other than that, we were able to live our day like I think we would if Joel didn't need nursing.  Sure, we couldn't leave our house, but we didn't need to.  And oddly enough, I got more accomplished in my day without nursing than I do with nursing. 

Sometimes what you think is a help, is also your distraction.

Now this is not to take away from the tremendous help our home nurses are.  We love them.  I could not survive without them.  Just sayin.

But a day without other people in my house was exactly what I needed to regroup.  And feel normal.  It was like a bite of chocolate at 3pm.  God gives you exactly what you need at exactly the time you need it.  Sometimes you just have to ask for it....and then look for it.  Thank you Jesus....for this little taste of our freedom.  I love you.

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